Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Update!

 "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

Dear Amirah friends,

With the recent surge in activity, we're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel of this long period of preparation as we get ready to open our first home. We're so grateful that you have been part of this journey with us!

Great things are happening at the house! So many volunteers have helped, and the volunteer projects are now nearly done. Soon, our room sponsors will come in to paint their rooms, and contractors will come to do the more heavy-duty jobs. We can tell already: the house is really going to be beautiful! Some of you have been asking if there are still opportunities to sponsor an area or a project in the house, and the answer is YES! We'll send out a special edition of the newsletter in a couple weeks that will provide descriptions, estimated costs and how you or a group you're part of can support a project you're interested in.

Over these next few weeks, we are working to finalize partnerships with three agencies who will be referring women to us. These agencies currently and regularly care for trafficked women, but have had very few options for where they can refer these women to for the support they need. They have each said they'll be able to fill up our home soon after we open, and it's been exciting on our end to know that what we're preparing will help meet a real and overwhelming need.

One of keys that will help us be successful is talking a lot with survivors about our plan and getting their feedback. Carmen, our recently-hired Program Director, is bringing together a "survivor advisory group" who are already providing very important thoughts that are helping us refine our plans.

As we head into our "final push", here are a few ways you can help us get the home open:

  • Watch for the special edition newsletter that will come by mid-October and highlight our remaining project and room sponsor needs, furniture needs and clothing needs. Please consider whether you, or a group you're part of, could help meet one or more of these needs.
  • Host a gift card party or a fundraising event. We'd love to explore ideas with you, and support your efforts by sending a speaker, materials, etc. Contact us as if you'd like to talk more about this.
  • One of our goals in October is to double our monthly donors! Every amount helps, and you can set up a monthly donation from our blog or our Facebook page.

Three important volunteer needs we have are volunteer placement team, our community partners team and our fundraising events team.

  • Our volunteer placement team helps people who express interest in getting involved find the role within Amirah that best fits them. 
  • Our community partners team reaches out to local organizations - churches, clubs, corporations, etc - to explore partnering possibilities. 
  • Our fundraising events team provides the communication and material support people need when they have an idea for running a fundraiser event for us. If you'd like more information on any of these, please contact Jenny, our volunteers coordinator, at

Please email if you're interested in helping out in any of those capacities.

Plans for this year's Evening of Hope are in the works! Stay tuned for more details...

Thank you for your partnership!

The Amirah Team

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