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Designed to Heal, Part 1, from April

Amirah Bloggers are taking the month of August to celebrate summer and seven months of great work. We'll be back in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite posts from this past year. 

Kathleen shared this first part of her interview on April 5. Part 2 will be shared on Thursday of this week.

Home is where the heart heals. For two members of Amirah’s design group, the healing begins with windows and walls.
As a team, they bring skill, compassion, and imagination to their interior design plans for Amirah’s sheltering house. They’ve enthusiastically agreed to share their vision in a series of interviews to be posted here. (Note: For privacy, I'll be referring to them as KM and JD.)

Q: What attracted you to Amirah's mission?

JD: The tangibility and the hope. Home and calming living spaces are strong values for me, so the opportunity to extend that to women who have never experienced those concepts was such a wonderful prospect.

 A few years back, the church I attend contributed to Kim's Project read more. Kim came to talk about the project and my heart was immediately broken to hear about the injustice of humans lives being trafficked today - up until then, I didn't know anything about it. I wanted to help!

Speed ahead a year later...
I was working on finishing my degree in Interior Design. Our studio project was a year long study in researching and designing a solution for a social or ethical need in society. We were asked to choose a need and develop a comprehensive design solution. It was during this time that my friend connected me to Amirah. A few months later, [Amirah] approached me and asked if I'd like to be a part of the Interiors team. My response? YES please! I was thrilled.

Q:  What is your guiding vision for this house?

JD: First and foremost, it’s setting the stage for the place where these women will be rediscovering themselves. That stage should feel safe, wrapped in warmth and simple comfort, and feel open – setting the scene for them to begin to explore their own hearts and dreams. Amirah is a stop on their journey, and quite possibly the first place where they truly come to realize that they are loved, cared for, and respected. Imagine coming out of all the horrors of their situations (and the broken homes that started it all off) and entering a space that’s been prepared for you with a myriad of sensitive, caring touches.

Q: What are your roles in the project?
JD: K. and I are deep into working on developing the aesthetic vision of the house and turning that into a guide for the room sponsors (individuals or groups who have committed to financing and furnishing rooms and spaces throughout the house) as they go about giving the house new life. K brings the professional experience and I get really excited about some of the smaller elements – DIY projects and the little touches that are going to make this space really homey and unique. K’s a pro at drawing up the floor plans and thinking in terms of consistency and achievability, and I’m working on distilling all of that information and laying it out in the guide.

Look for Part 2 in this series later in April. Until then, 
Peace to you,

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