Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Just One Year

We are Ready to Bloom!
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As I read the most recent Amirah update about ALL the amazing things that are happening and exciting opportunities for everyone to get involved, I wondered what the update just a year ago looked like. So I pulled up the May 2011 update to read. It is amazing to see the distance we have covered in just one year.

  • Last May we asked for help in funding a storage space for some donated items that we had begun to receive. Since then we have filled FOUR STORAGE spaces with donations, and have ALL THE ROOMS (except the bathroom) in our home sponsored!
  • Last May we offered to have Arwyn or another team member come speak to your group. In the last year, Arwyn (alone!) has spoken OVER 120 TIMES to over 30 DIFFERENT KINDS of groups.
  • Last May, we invited you to join us as a financial partner. At that time we had 1 monthly donor, 30 donors overall. NOW we have 44 monthly donors and have 255 donors overall. We have raised over $300,000.

Thank you for partnering with us to abolish modern-day slavery!

Just imagine. What milestones will we be celebrating next year?

Emily is a Board member of Amirah. She homeschools three children in Maine and has pursued Adventure with Marc for 18 years. She loves coffee and feels especially pleased that she can keep up with her 12yo son's Algebra work. 
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