Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abolition and Rescue with Children

When we began our journey with Amirah, one of my concerns was how to share the severity of modern day slavery with my children. I want them to be aware and empowered, but not overwhelmed. I want to equip them to rise up as fighters in this fight, but from a position of strength and conviction, NOT fear.

My son is a young adolescent. We have a relationship where he will talk with us about everything from steampunk to friends of friends that are cutting themselves. He has joined the social Kony2012 revolution. I am comfortable handing him NotForSale and reading and discussing it together.

My daughters are 9 and 7. They talk with us. But I don't think they are ready for the FullPicture. But we aren't putting off our involvement until they are older. They know we are 'working' to help provide a safe home for women who have been rescued from slavery.

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As I was looking for resources that felt a little more age appropriate, my then 8yo daughter came up with an idea of her own. She pulled down the Harriet Tubman biography that she had read last year and began reading it again. Her plan was to read a chapter, and then imagine how it might be the same or different for modern slaves. And then she would pray about the things that she imagined.

One chapter shared how Harriet Tubman realized that if she cried out when she was beaten even if it didn't hurt, that the beating would be less severe. And at times HT padded herself with pillows. From that chapter, we prayed for the slaves that were being beaten, that God would protect them and pad them with His Love And that they would be free soon.

Studying our history to change our future. Praying the lives and courage of previous abolitionists forward to those who are battling today. An appropriate way to begin the discussion with elementary aged children - brought to you by an elementary aged Freedom Fighter.

Emily is a Board member of Amirah. She homeschools three children in Maine and has pursued Adventure with Marc for 18 years. She loves coffee and feels especially pleased that she can keep up with her 12yo son's Algebra work. 

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