Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering Joshua Hicks

A few days ago, Amirah lost a dear friend.

Joshua Hicks was a good man with a remarkable heart. He loved what Amirah stood for, and was one of our first volunteers. He poured himself into our community partners team, and became one of our key ambassadors in the community. Above all, he was our friend, and personally, one of my best friends.

On Friday night, he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 27, the result of a severe allergic reaction. We will miss him, sorely.

As I reflect on Josh’s time with Amirah, one story sticks out. Josh and I were on a
road trip to a youth conference in New York where Amirah was presenting. On the way home, I got us lost. We ended up on this narrow mountain road, and I got seriously agitated. As I began yelling at passing cars, mountains, and the state of New York in general, Josh began to laugh; he was always able to find joy and humor in any situation. In fact, it was contagious, and before long we were both laughing uncontrollably. There you have Josh in a nutshell: the constant encourager, the man of joy. Anyone who knew Josh has similar stories; he brought joy, passion and empathy to everything he did.

As my grief turns to remembrance, I realize there are few men who have had as profound an impact in my life as Josh did.

Josh, thanks. You were a great gift to me.

By Peter Yochim, Amirah's Community Partners Team leader.


  1. We honor you, Josh. Now you're encouraging us from heaven, and that's amazing...but we will miss you tons.

  2. Thank you Josh. Please help follow in your footsteps as we volunteer for Amirah's women. God's peace and joyful embrace be yours - a prayer from one you never met, but one who cares just the same.