Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Defining Something

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
~Edward Everett Hale

I love quotes.  There is something beautifully universal and communal about connecting to the wisdom of others who have experienced life and consequently learned a nugget of truth from those experiences.  It’s a great reminder that we do not, and thus cannot, live our lives in isolation from others.  We need others, and need to be there for others. 

I like to think that Hale had this in mind when sharing the above quoted nugget of truth.  We can all do something; in our own lives, in other’s lives and in the larger world.  And as just one, it is still something.  But when each of us, as one, decides to do something in combination with others, it begins to move towards doing everything.  What we cannot do, can be done by someone else and as we all do the something we can do in collaboration, real change occurs.

the domino effect...
For the past year, Amirah has been working towards an incredibly daunting and complex goal that could not possibly progress without a large community of people offering their ‘something’ to the collective group.  We are blessed with an incredible group of people on our Boards, on our staff, and as volunteers who did not let what they cannot do interfere with what they can do.  With such a tribe working to provide a place of healing, restoration and re-integration for trafficking survivors, Amirah is now poised on the brink of opening with a sustainable and scalable structure in place, multi-level partnerships secured, and a well-researched program plan ready to be put into action.

And now we need more people willing to do something.  To take the next steps and create a stable foundation for the tangible needs of the home itself, we need two goals met by Mother’s Day.

1.    We need to increase our monthly donors to bring in $4,500 per month.
This covers our home’s monthly lease and bills.  Is the ‘something’ you can do helping to ensure that, if all else fails, we always have a home for our women? In total we need:
5 monthly donors   at $ 250.00/mo
10 monthly donors at $ 100.00+/mo
15 monthly donors at $    50.00+/mo
20 monthly donors at $    25.00+/mo
25 monthly donors at $    10.00+/mo
30 monthly donors at $       5.00+/mo

2.    A generous supporter, doing the something they can do, has pledged $50,000 that we need to match.  This money will allow us to renovate and create a safe and welcoming environment in our home as well as allow us to hire our Program Manager.  Is the ‘something’ you can do helping Amirah meet this match by personally donating or encouraging your sphere of influence to help us reach our goal?

Our Mother’s Day goal strikes me as perfectly apropos.  My mother, and hopefully yours as well, exemplifies care, nurturing, persistent love, and an unwavering commitment to encouraging those around her to be all that they were created to be; precisely what we hope to provide through Amirah.  She’s never let what she cannot do interfere with what she can do, no matter how small and alone it feels, and because of that, she’s changed many people’s worlds.  How will you use your ‘something’ to change the worlds of those surviving modern-day slavery?

Arwyn is Amirah's Executive Director of Outreach.  She lives near the ocean and can't wait for summer to come.

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